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some contract work: RIFT

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Hey everyone. It's been a while.

Now that RIFT has been released to shelves and having finished my B.A. in Industrial Design i finally have time show off some of my work on RIFT. i was contracted by TRION to work on various assets of all scale. this is just an excerpt of that work.

i'm also currently looking for contract work to fill the upcoming months. if any of your employers are looking for external help, just drop me a mail at hhorstm(at)gmail.com.

I hope you like it :)

(images were rendered in marmoset)














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I played rift for 2 months, stunning MMORPG both visually and design, needed more content and depth but other than that it is such an achievement :)

Your art looks pimp ^_^

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Really good art, nice presentation too, even tho it hides some of the art. What was your workflow for these? Did you use any high polys or did it oldschool?

I wish we had a spotlight banner to put stuff like this on there! Amazing.

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thanks guys.

@deciever: yeah my job was to build these based on concepts.

@helder: my guess was that the people who earn their income doing art for video games can still read the effort put into it. the workflow was mainly diffuse -> heightmap -> normals but i often did some basic highpoly/bake to work out edges and other major shapes.

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cool stuff Henning! Definitely nice to see some stuff from you again :)

My favs are the tower in the first couple of pictures and the temple thing on picture 11-12.

You did a really good job with what I can assume was pretty limited poly wise. The textures are great!

Sounds like a great workflow for this too. I must say I haven't really baked out a normal completely in quite a while now because I find it to be a complete waste of time a lot of times for env. work.

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