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WIP: DM Shanti (Big Pictures)


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It is a good start but it needs a lot of work. Good job with height variation etc, gives the player different levels which is always good.

I say this all the time to people, don't be skimpy on the polygons, this is HL2 not HL so really get some detail in there.

And also for the love of good please use smaller screenshots so I dont have to scroll for an eternity :P

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I just want to elaborate on what Mazy said..

Add some trims to your buildings.. And by that I don't mean flat textured trims but modeled/brushworked trims. The broken parts could use a lot more polys too... unless you want it to look like something from 4 years ago. Same thing with that strange.... hole that leads into something that looks like a sewer. It's almost SQUARE. Use more polygons!!!

The whole thing lacks composition. You need to rounden the whole thing off. I'll see if I can post a detailed document on this later on for everyone to read.

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