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Lords of Uberdark


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It is evolutionary at best, and derivative at worst. Oh yeah so is 99.9999999% of everything else.

That said, sure...go for it. I love Minecraft despite getting over my addiction to it and I'd be happy to see where this or similar projects progress.

Reminds me of geo-mod in Red Faction circa 2002-ish. Only more cartoon and less Mars...and stuff...

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Looks bad imo :P I like the cubes and the feeling of working on a grid.

There is tremendous power in the minecraft grid. It brings a sense of order and logic into the otherwise randomly generated world. You can quickly calculate/estimate distance and dimension that you could not do (as easily) in a non grid world. It brings out everyone's inner coder and there is something so satisfying about using your brain in logical ways that Minecraft offers...all due to the grid.

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