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Borderlands 2


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":2gj5322y]Really cool man! I need to give the first one another try, I'm sure I'm missing out.

Honestly, playing it alone is not fun at all, with at minimum 2 friends is become very, very fun ! :derp:

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Me and my buddy have spent the majority of the rainy days playing Borderlands, so far we have finished main story, Neds DLC and the Secret Army DLC (except for some bounty board missions first coming up when we were heading for the final sector). I don't think we'll be able to finish the Claptrap one before I move, but we'll save that for later.

Playing coop makes the game, single player was fucking boring, and online I always ended up with douchebags.

So I am excited!

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rage knockoff? rage knockedoff!

in all seriousness though, they need to come up with a better ending. I loved the first one, but the ending SUCKED BALLS! where the HELL is my vault full of insanely awesome weapons? bleh... the DLC secret armory kind of fixed that, but still.... it was lame that the

cross dimensional gate that only opens once every 2000 years or whatever (the WHOLE point of single player campaign...) didn't give any good weapons, but some mech-lovin old fat general dude had droves and droves of weapons locked up in his bedroom...

(a bit too real-life for me, i want the lsd induced alien to provide me my blastola, not an old white marine..)

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