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E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy has been released!


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Hey guys.

The game I've been working on for ages has been finally released after several delays. You can buy it now for 17.99$ USD on Steam or take a 4-pack for 53.97$ USD! :derp:

For those who do not know what E.Y.E is, it is an indie FPS/RPG taking place in a dark and brooding Cyberpunk world. The player embodies an assassin working for the powerful organization Secreta, which is attempting a coup against the all-powerful Federation. Meanwhile, the ancient and mysterious Meta-Streumonic Force reappears, threatening to destroy everything.

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It is both SP and MP.

MP modes are cooperative campaign where you can play the whole campaign with some friends, and coop missions where you can play special missions with your friends. We're planning on releasing a PvP mode some time later, after we fixed the bugs that popped-up with the release.

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well i just bought it twice, for myself and a friend and we've not even been able to play together yet (starting your own server seems to force it into lan whether you like it or not) and already i have a lis as long as my arm of complaints.

i'll be back when i am more enraged with a full and scathing list.

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I'm sorry to hear you didn't like it at all, Rick. :(

From what I have gathered, our game is a rather love it or hate it game.

We are currently working hard on fixing all the bugs people have found in the game. A patch should hopefully be released at the beginning of the week.

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ok i was, as usual, a dick.

i bought the game for co-op play only. but there's something up with the game, it only launches a server into lan, regardless of what setting you choose in the settings, so we had to use Tunngle to play together - no big deal but annoying considering we had to fuck around to get it working, and it lagged like fuck as well.

the game also feels very much like a mod. for portal 2's coop it's simple to launch, obvious what to do, nicely designed etc. but the co-op here i wouldn't have known about unless it was advertised, there is no "co-op game" button or anything like that, along with the menu hud colour choices making it seem very amatuerish.

also launching the game takes ages, 5 minutes to boot into the opening menu, presumably the random background screens.

as for the game, i launched into the first map for co-op and was greeted with a sound effect like a fog horn that repeated itself ad infinitum, while i was presented with a sort of character creation screen. there's a lot of .. options, but they aren't very well explained, and you have to select an option before you are given an explanation of it, hard to explain but annoying to use.

then you get dropped into the map and that's it, enjoy. weird enemies, unexplained plot, levels that don't make sense in terms of why we are there, overly dark lighting, HL2 turrets, combat that feels unfair even when on easy.

also, controller support is a laughable misrepresentation. i turned it on and i could only use the left stick to move the player around ala goldeneye 64. fucking ludicrous.

from what i could gather the production qualities are pretty good, everything looks ok, it seems like killing floor with swords. i want to try it again when i have my computer set up properly and there's been a patch or two.

i would encourage people to buy it and try it out, support indies and support mapcorians. maybe i just expected too much.

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also i only tried a very small element of the game. but i would say it's worth buying it now nd enjoying while there's people playing on the servers.

i am just being overly dickish because i paid money. but because i paid money i feel i can be a total dick and be just as much a part of the cancer i hate in the gaming community. i love being a filthy hypocrite.

but if this is the way we have to support mods, or people going it alone then i think we shouldn't expect AAA games straight away, and i am happy to support people who will try something different, because who knows, they might have the next counter strike on their hands :)

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Thanks for your reply Rick. You're not being dickish, your thoughts on the game are legitimate.

We will be fixing this server creation thing soon as well as the other bugs/issues. Anything preventing people from playing the game in the best conditions possible is just unbearable for us.

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