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[TF2] Ctf_frosty

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When I first touched Hammer 4 with my "ye olde Half-Life optimization", vvis took more than a day to compile my (crap) map. :P

The longest time I had recently was around 10 minutes, and it was for a very, very open map. And that's still a pretty long time, although the map runs perfectly.

Oh and yeah, you gotta finish that map, man. ;)

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So I made a playable version at this link :oops: : http://www.minerality.fr/maps/source/tf ... sty_a8.rar

And some shot to force you dl it !!!:










Still a lot of work anyway (like making all this snow on props and roofs), if you have some crits, don't hesitate :-D

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Yeah, it runs very poorly on my crap PC here. :P

I had a quick run-through and I'm pretty impressed, especially with the Spytech interiors. By the way, there's a model with an invalid material here (in BLU territory):


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Well we played it on TF2maps.net new york server today, I have to say the map is even more beautiful in game than in screenshots. Marvelous!

Wasn't looking at FPS but it didn't kill my machine, which would be difficult to do anyway. It is fairly open so good luck with the hints :oops:

Aside from the blackspot in cave I can't see much wrong (didn't even find that workbench?), it really looks ready to go. Someone in server suggested though that you make the different areas have bigger differences in their art, to differentiate things. I agree with that because, as was also consensus, it's a bit confusing. If you want to improve layout you could tighten up the flanks, make things a bit less complicated. Maybe remove a few routes. ADD SIGNS!!! Otherwise I'd say this is nearly releasable!

It is a bit hard to play though, there is tons of areas so its easy to get lost and nothing forces players together. I say maps like this are like 3-5 good maps in one map. I'd like to see a five CP version, or you could even cut it in half and do a small payload. Simply because those game modes make use of more space/force players together more.

I know you are focused on environment art so I will say that in that regard the map is nearly flawless, just needs more differentiation in the areas.

OH, about that workshop model. The console complained about shader binding not missing material. I am guessing that the vmt is broken. The error did not look like the error that is received with curly brace misalignment, so I would guess the issue is a typo in the shadername? Eitherway, there is something wrong with the VMT itself.

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