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ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: Design the MapCore logo — new deadline!


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I like it but it has more to do with Gearbox than Mapcore hasn't it?

Exactly my thought as well. I really like it, but to me an actual gear has nothing to do with Mapcore. Maybe a bit ages ago when every third person who visited these forums worked at Gearbox, but that's a long time ago now.

But I do like the logo, looks really cool.

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Hi everyone :)

I am new to Mapcore, although I have been lurking around these forums as a guest for a long time, and thought it was about time I got involved with this awesome community!

Please take a look at my designs for the new Mapcore logo below and let me know what you think!


For the above design I focussed upon themes of nurturing talent, growing as an artist in an environment of encouragement etc


For the above design I focussed more on the 'core' aspect of the brand rather than the community aspect. i wanted it to feel like a 'Hub', if you know what I mean? Or maybe I'm speaking nonsense :)

I have a few pages of other design ideas that were completed on paper if anyone would like to see them? If so just let me know and I will put them up :)

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I was playing with the idea of the 3D "gizmo" in my head as well.

I wasn't really sure how to approach it, but those are some wonderful steps toward a great idea.

I say we continue to consider using the gizmo as the basis of iconography.

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The 3D gizmo is a superb concept, I highly approve of those entries. :cool: Also, welcome!

Minos you're not the first to express concern about the deadline, I was worried it might be a little tight as obviously we all have jobs to hold down. I'm going to extend it by one week and will adjust the original post accordingly, as obviously it's in the best interests of everyone if as many people can enter as possible. This is the only extension there'll be, though. :derp:

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