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ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: Design the MapCore logo — new deadline!

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here's my attempt at combining the dribble.com image with mapcore's previous design.

been watching this thread for a while, but I suck at graphic design, so haven't really entered anything yet..



If this was Facebook, I'd be clicking on the Like button :crazy:

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Saw this on dribbler and made me think of this thread.

http://dribbble.com/shots/231428--P-for ... r&offset=5


Oh man, yes! Can't we hire the guy to do a M version? :PP

I'm really in love with this idea, the execution needs a lot of work tho.


But again, we need vector stuff, not 3d! Check out the gamecube logo, if you look carefully, there's a G, a C and a cube, genious!



Anyway, what vector app you guys recommend?

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