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ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: Design the MapCore logo — new deadline!


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Important: The deadline has been extended by one week until Thrik says otherwise!

OK guys, you asked for it so you're getting it. :-D

MapCore's ULTIMATE CHALLENGE is now underway: to design a new logo for MapCore. This will used in the upcoming redesign and expansion of the forums, as well as a line of fine garments you may purchase for you and everyone you love. :cool:

As the logo will hopefully be used until the apocalypse, it needs to be right. Therefore those interested have two weeks to come up with something, and there are no limits on creativity — it doesn't have to resemble the current logo. In fact, we'd rather it didn't.

The prize: a high-quality t-shirt or small mounted print (to be designed afterwards) featuring your logo. You'll also be clearly credited for your contribution on the site, and will enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of having given something so important to the community.

Once all entries have been received I will go through and remove any not fitting the below requirements, then the community will choose the final logo.

This stuff is really important:

  • [*:1iv638b1]No entries after 3pm UTC on August 3rd, 2011
    [*:1iv638b1]Final design must be 2400 x 3200 pixels at 300 DPI, bigger and/or layered is better
    [*:1iv638b1]Unlimited entries per person
    [*:1iv638b1]No copyrighted/trademarked material
    [*:1iv638b1]Entries must be posted in this thread

You'll also want to keep in mind:

  • [*:1iv638b1]Designs should ideally communicate that MapCore is a games development community, but not absolutely critical
    [*:1iv638b1]A good logo should work at all levels of detail (eg: huge, small, one colour)
    [*:1iv638b1]Staff are not excluded from the competition as they have no influence on the winner
    [*:1iv638b1]Quality doesn't have to be impeccable as designs can be touched up, but an earnest effort must be made
    [*:1iv638b1]All rights to winning design must be transferred to Thrik

Enjoy! All who have entries selected for voting will most likely get some kind of permanent contribution badge/tag once the new design and that feature are implemented. :cool:

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In recognition of Sweden's unrivalled contribution to this fine community and in honour of our general awesomeness (especially bird naming), I hereby present my Nordic take on our beloved logo.


I eagerly await your approval.

And yes, that is Comic Sans.

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