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XBox360 games running on Win8?


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it'd be costly to maintain many different vm's at once...

Java and .NET are both VMs, and your browser practically is as well. Compared to natively running code, maybe, but computers are so ridiculous anymore that the performance cost basically doesn't even matter.

no shit sherlock. vm's are only initialized when there are programs using them, and they usually stop by the time you quit the application using the vm. but having many vm's running with each only a few active (read: non-idle) programs will prove to be costly even for today's computers. and lol at saying performance costs don't matter. good code can increase performance by a factor million or even billion, whereas hardware only doubles it, and only every 18 months.

i hear they have courses on the internet teaching people about computers, maybe you should take one.

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I said "the" performance cost. Of VMs. Not in general performance doesn't matter. Especially for programmers less superleet than you clearly are, managed code like cs and python can offer significantly more performance than something that lets you fuck up as bad, like c++. Automated garbage collection is great, it makes my life way easier :)

Not perfect, of course. The other day I accidentally left some debug output shit in my data tree management while stress testing the system with 1000 nodes. It shat out 160 50MB .txt files, each 22 lines of around ten million characters, and crashed when it ran out of hard drive space to write to. :lol:

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"the" performance cost. of vm's. is what i'm talking about. not to mention the memory overhead needed to run x number of vm's at once. there's just no reason to do it when there are more effective ways of doing this, possibly by even easier means. also way to try to avoid the subject by posting random bullshit.

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Yes the decision to use .NET and Java and numerous other controlled, isolated systems is all retarded, and nobody, certainly not Microsoft, knows what they're talking about over your opinion that performance is all that matters, Sentura.

nobody from microsoft mentioned any of what you are referring to.

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