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Easiest map editor for a newbie


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I've recently decided to try modding and I wanted a program that would be really easy for me to start off with. I know there's plenty out there but I'm hoping to find one that I can take on and learn the basics with first. Any suggestions?

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UDK is not the best with asset count but I'm sure there are more models than 50. Go to Content Browser, click "All Assets" and "Static meshes" from search mask options. That should do the job.

UDK is maybe not the best for newbie (but still most user friendly and dumbass-resistant) and not so easy but UDK is somehow a future of small companies that don't have own technology (engine), it's good to know that application well because it might turn into your future job editor (if you wanna work in game industry).

Valve Hammer Editor is a bit old now, I'm waiting for a new Valve game and new edition of their level editor. If it will be still the same then this technology isn't worth watching (unless you're a great fan of L4D or other titles and you just wanna map for that title - feel free then but I'm sure that there won't be lots of titles on Source Engine if the technology won't be upgraded to "actual" standards - see UDK mesh handling if you don't understand).

Sandbox is sandbox like name says, good to know it and make/check/test stuff in it, there more and more companies that work with that engine but still there's not enough tutorials. Documentation is available but most of the people would like to see video tutorials like 3DBuzz UDK tuts which are perfect in my opinion.

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Dammit Seir you're right. So much time "wasted" with hammer.

I read somewhere that new tools are in the works for Source, figure the folks at Valve are tired of Hammer too.

Citrus if you want UDK you can get it at UDK.com, free to use. Theres also a free version of Unity, and a free version of Source on the way now that TF2 is Free to Play, otherwise just buy any Valve title you would be interested in modding and you'll get the tools.

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unity is the easiest "editor" but you cant really build maps with it out of the box you will need models and stuff from somewhere else so id say go with unrealed ( udk)

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I don't think UDK is the easiest, it sure have the best video tutorials for an editor made by 3D buzz but the editor isn't really easy. Plus you'll be able to use any unreal editor ( UT and Gears)

I would say Far cry 2 editor is very easy to use but there isn't much to do with it. Both CryEngine 2 or 3 are easy and flexible and they have some decent documentation and community support. I've never got to use Unity though.

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But seriously then I'd probably say Source, but that's because I know it the best. You can't really go wrong with most big editors these days since you've got video tutorials taking you through the entire thing.

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I'm not sure how new to are to the concept but you might wanna check out some map editors that come with some (now old) games. Like Far Cry on the xbox or whatever you can find. Those are way less technical and focus on placement of meshes, terrain and enemies and the like. No complicated buttons you'll never use, no lighting bakes, collision and whatever to take care off... Definitely a good first experience I'd say.

If you wanna make your own stuff however or mod, CE3 is definitely a good first attempt since it has a lot of assets, gets you familiar with scripting as well. And in the end you'll have a single player level that plays like Crysis-ish.

UDK would be a good choice but you'll have to stick with the default multiplayer stuff which might not be what you're looking for. Obviously you can code the game to be whatever you want it to be but I'm guessing you don't have a team behind you who can mod it until it's Fairy Paradise 5, so just saying ;) UDK has a lot of support though, tutorials and info everywhere!

Source, never used it, can't tell.

Try both I'd say and then stick with one until you actually make something. Jumping between editors without finishing stuff will get you demotivated (plus simultaneous use might just confuse you).


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