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I saw a presentation they gave at NYU. They wanted to make a co-op game and went the traditional route at first (e.g. 2 people to open a gate!) and did lots of prototypes, but it all ended up being stuff that had been done before... Plus, if a game forces you to cooperate, how can that cooperation be meaningful? Here's a game that actually says, think about your relationship to another person and whether it's worth it to stay with them.

It takes major balls to rip co-op mechanics out of a co-op game. From what I've seen demo'd, it works really well. And the tech on offer is amazing -- seamless multiplayer, the sand... it's brilliant.

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either that or they didn't think of it first so therefore it's shit.


I think it looks great but it's not 'deep.' Have you not played anything from thatgamecompany?

The no-communication multiplayer was taken from Demon’s Souls, anyway. But Demon’s Souls isn’t an art because it has stabbing.

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If I recall correctly they’re promoting it by saying “most” online that has come before Journey is outdated and for children, whereas Journey is paving the way with emotional, intellectual and social relevance.

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lol deep

basically. too early to call it pretentious?

what's pretentious about it?

"we're a cool indie game that has a small anonymous multiplayer mode, we're so unique. you want to join in? too bad, this game is only for cool people, like us developers"

the multiplayer doesn't give out anything of what the game is about, and while i love desert environments perhaps the most of all environments, art alone won't carry a game. i understand that YOURE SUPPOSED TO FIND OUT ON YOUR OWN, but really, it says nothing about why it's multiplayer.

also fuck space marines and all that, shit is so boring. maybe this is gonna be good, maybe in the stuff they don't show they've secretly created the best game mechanics ever, and the multiplayer mode makes everyone nerdgasm at least once every game while the singleplayer will you suck off so hard your mind will literally explode in ecstasy. or maybe, and most likely, it's just showing art for the lack good game design.

think about your relationship to another person and whether it's worth it to stay with them.

prisoner's dilemma? isn't this what kane and lynch multiplayer was all about? i have a problem with originality when people mask something that has been done before as something new.

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