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BTMI, a Half-Life 2 mod


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Greeting mapcore members,

We are looking for a texture artist, character modeler and level designer.

Our mod is based on Battletech and is called; "Battletech: Mobile Infantry"

(Yes we have contacted WizKids)

We plan on having various types of units, including Elementals, Kanazuchi, other battle armor and infantry. Infantry will have three types of armor to choose from, as well as various types of weapons. Our gameplay revolves around an encumbrance system, the more gear you take, the slower you go. Want more armor, it will cost you speed.

Gameplay will include a "hunt" the Battle armor, where each team will have to protect their battle armor while destroying the other teams. We will also have a capture and hold, with the amount of battle armor being determined by a ratio of infantry to battle armor (say 1 BA to every 5 infantry).

We will have an estimate of release in a month or two. We do have several models ingame, please stop by the site and check it out.


Post any questions or email me at admin@battletechmi.com

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