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What game would you make and why?


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If one day you magically won the lottery and had a cool 50 million to spend developing a game of your own design, what would it be?

I'd love to design something like Planetside, with a serious attention to RTS and RPG mechanics to give the game a lasting appeal. Rather than just unlocking tanks and such you actually get to design and manufacture then for others, much like Eve online.

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An adventure game with the 4 elements theme (water-wind-earth-fire), puzzles, etc. Perhaps some RPG elements to make the character you want to be.

Prince of persia, tomb raider, something something gameplay combined with the above.

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My dream game would be a noir steampunk stealth game, with a female thief protagonist. Kind of a femme fatale in fact. Basically a mix of 30s/40s noir stories and environments with very tall and threatening structures, steampunk elements (giant clockwork machines, pipes, cogs and all) with an endless rain having an impact on gameplay (you leave trails when you're soaked for example).

An interesting story involving political conspiracies and 'behind the curtain' stuff, cool non-linear levels (hotels, banks, mansion heists) where you can plan your break-in, and cool gameplay mechanics.

Basically a spiritual successor to Thief minus the undead (even if I like them a lot), and the medieval/victorian elements. :rolleyes:

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a good pirates of the dark water game with rpg elements, stunning vistas and all. the dark water universe is really interesting and offers a lot of different scapes, so it'd probably be kinda like mass effect or the witcher, except better. probably the first thing i would do.

alternatively i would also like to create a high skillcap fps game that would incorporate upgrades/modifications and weapons to create a sort of custom class system.

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I'd make an MMO facebook game like farmville/cityville except it would be very much like transport tycoon and you could essentially invest in your friends' companies and plan transporting projects and apply friends for funding etc...

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With my head full of ideas, I would have to settle for one of the following:

- Sandbox game that is like Wurm Online, with just as much or more complexity, but of course with a more up-to-date engine.

- RTS game inspired by Warzone 2100 (now open source and free), with focus on being able to design everything.

- Action/horror game set in the modern day that plays in 3rd person or like DMC, with a protagonist with 3 different playstyles. Inspiration from Spawn, Gungrave, Prototype, etc.

- Planetside-ish MMOFPS like 2d-chris described, with players being able to also build structures (bunkers, re-arm stations, walls, etc) where ever they please (except inside of an enemy base sphere of influence), but not as fast as in Starhawk. Lots of customization as well, allowing players to train and spend points into specific weapons to unlock attachments, modifiers (i.e: +10% accuracy) etc.

I could probably prototype any of these but then that requires programming and my head hurts from seeing any code :<

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OK so kinda lame, but I love educational games, so i would make a Heavy Rain/Indigo Prophecy style game where you take on the role of various (fictional characters) in a semi-fictionalized version of the US Civil Rights Movement of the 50's and 60's. The story would take place in a meta-town containing elements of Birmingham, LA, Chicago, and San Fransisco and the events that took place in those city's. The player would have to take control of multiple characters from different racial and social backgrounds, with intertwining story lines being forced to make tough decisions that greatly effect the relative success of the movement.

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