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DM_Rebar Beta 5 Release


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DM_Rebar Beta 5 Release


Known issues:

- Displacement near truck needs sewing

- Curved stairs texturing is ugly

- Barrels had been planned to stay stuck on the platform for the RPG trap, however in the next version you'll be able to pick them up normaly.

- Some places need new cubemaps

- Clipping on the truck needs to be enhanced

- Sprinting up stairwells causes a bump

- Crane is slightly off





Special Thanks to:





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another wierd bug with the rpg trap is taht you can shoot a crossbow bolt over it when there are barrels there and teh rpg will go flying (even though you hit nothing but air). Also, the green dumpsters shouldn't be static. Standard HL2DM convention is that while you can't pick them up with the grav gun, you can shoot them.

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As far as the FPS drop issues... We think it could be related to some of the physics which the crane... That or some of the props that are there and being used but For the most part its not that major... I have a pretty shitty vid card and I never notced any FPS drops that where so bad that it did not allow for the map to be played...

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i just played the map for the first time on some server and i have to say it really is fun.....you did a good job

i only wish the framerate on it didnt rape me

one minor thing though....those barrels that are up there with the rocket launcher (suspended from the crane).....its annoying that you cant pick them up

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