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Mark Foreman - Environment Artist


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Hey guys.

Just recently updated my portfolio as I have reached then end of my degree. Let me know what you think.


Feedback on anything and everything would be a big help. I'm going to start applying for jobs very soon, so I want to be sure I'm off to a good start with my works presentation.

Thanks for your time.

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Black Mesa ! \0/

I'm not a real fan of the mouse over stuffs. Why not on your home page, but on your work i d'ont like it. It's esay to compare, but I prefer to see everything without moving my mouse.

Well, It's just what I prefer, not why you must do. ;)

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Hey, cheers for the comments guys. Glad you like my work.

The mouse-overs were an attempted to stop unnecessary scrolling, I'm aware that some of the pages are quite long as it is. Would you prefer having the normal/spec images displayed below?

I'm also intrigued to know who Ryan Clark is :???:.

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