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[Portal 2-SP]Wavelet

Mr. Happy

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I couldn't finish it :( Also, I died like 3 times on that jump-pad on the left just as you enter the chamber. Also, when I activated stuff with the laser, I had no idea what I activated, I just heard a sound that meant that something happened. Those light-strips would be very helpful there. Also, it WAS very dark, once I reached a top level (while looking around), the roof sort of caved in and it got brighter, maybe that should happen sooner since it was sort of hard to get an overview of the room. Also, it was a bit busy with no real clear objective, I just stumbled around and didn't really know if I was making progress or not. Oh yeah and the music got to be a bit annoying after spending 15 minutes going in circles. It looked nice though!

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Thanks for your feedback insta!

I admit it is harder than I was shooting for. I was worried that the lightstrips would make it more confusing since there are a lot of elements...just pay attention to the symbols. My next map will be simpler, and brighter, I promise!

Thanks for playing!

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I just finished it, it took me about 20 minutes. I didn't think it was too dark, but I think I had the brightness bumped up.

I spent most of my time trying to figure out what happened when I activated stuff, light-strips would definitely help this map I think. I got what the symbols meant, it was just hard to see it sometimes. Also, it's nice to play something harder, I felt portal 2 never really got too difficult :)

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- Got to the near end, managed to open the exit but didn't know how to get there, gave up.

- Emphasize the location of the reflectocube better. I had no idea that was there until I had stumbled upon it.

- Never understood the point of the jumppad near the entrance, except to get me killed. Didn't understand the point of the sunken jumppad either.

- The X laser relay (the one near the entrance, between the two catchers) -- change the sign placement. I had no idea that represented the X for a while.

- False feedback: You have 2 one dot signs that indicate the first step. For five minutes, I kept looking for a second 2 dot sign but never found one.

- I have no idea what anything does. I don't think the dot and symbol signs are good enough... I figured it out eventually, but it's a pain in the ass, especially with that 2 dot forcefield -- I didn't even know that I had managed to turn it off, because there's a wall or two in the way and it is perpendicular to me. At the same time, I agree that direct indicator lines would be too busy... So maybe change all symbol signs to illuminated panels that light up when activated?

- Light the portalable panels near the light bridge better. It needs to be much brighter, didn't notice them for 10 minutes and was paralyzed with inability to make any progress.

- In general, too dark. Too much muddy gray that gets in the way of reading where the portalable stuff is.

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Thank you very much for your feedback, now that the contest is over I can fix all of these things. I have not had any other negative feedback about there being 2 1-dot signs and 1 2-dot sign but now that I think about it changing that in either direction has also produced negative feedback. I have just uploaded a new version which address these issues and I think makes it more clear. This will be the final version, I have got new better puzzles on the way. The new download link is the same: Click here for download

Oh, and it should be a tiny bit clearer and also that faithplate is fixed!

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