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Hl2dm map. No name yet


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Imo, you need to work on getting more smoothness to the general design of your level. You seem to have a lot of sharp edges on corners and stuff which would look a lot cooler if they were rounded. Since we're on Source now, and your level is indoors thus can afford even more detail than usual, there's not really any excuse to not be doing so.

Other than that you just need more detail to give each area its own personality. DM maps need to have clearly distinguishable areas so that if you spawn somewhere, you know exactly where you are straight away (assuming that you know the map already to a limited extend). Whilst colour coding and stuff was the older, less realistic way of doing this, now you can just cram different details and such in to make each place unique -- even if the rooms initially look very similar like they do now.

I am of course only judging this on the screenshots, so I can't really gauge how well you've made each area unique without having a thorough run-through myself.

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It looks too generic and without any real purpose. Give the map a soul, a mind of it's own, a reason to exist, some character. Then try to add some visual depth by using more angles and less flat surfaces which includes walls and floors as well. You've used the angles in the wrong places now. There is really no point in making a room round, it just looks silly. Use the angles for additional shapes and creating a more interesting environment. Making corners just round isn't the solution.

The ceiling looks really repetitive, it feels as if you've placed one giant ceiling brush on top of the entire map and just added a texture. It needs alignment, refinement, definement~

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