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[L4D2] Grey Sky Problem


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my sky is only showing up grey.. any ideas?

sky: sky_l4d_c5_1_hdr

i have copied the environmental ents from the c5m1 example map

if i take the "_hdr" off the skybox name I get this


anyone any ideas? i've tested it over and over making changes but it doesn't seem to do anything :(

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Been a while, but it looks as if either the sky gets foged out in the first screenshot (don't remember what the VMT line is for that, but there is one I know), and the second one looks like you either leaked or it can't find the sky at all? Compile-log doesn't output any errors or?

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i can check for sure at lunch time, but i think the problem in teh 2nd one was that there was no sky with that name so it did a hall of mirrors effect...

i'm sure you're right, something with the fog in the first pic but i've no real experience with that stuff, last time i used hammer was for cs 1.6 :shock: surely the valve example ents wouldn't be giving me a problem? :(

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There's a single sky_camera in every map with a 2D skybox (all of them). A L4D2 map without a 3D Skybox will give graphical glitches in the skybox, visually similar to a leaked map.

just read that, do I need a sky_camera yes?

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Oh, that would explain it then. Must be in a recent engine update (haven't really toyed with anything past the OB). Yeah the sky_camera is what you need to project the 3d skybox in the world. Doesn't really matter if there is something to project I assume, just as long as the entity is there. Otherwise just place a few brushes there.

You may want to look what the default scale is for 3d skyboxes in L4D2. Should be 16, but you never know.

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ok i'm not gonna bother with a 3d skybox yet as i'm still very early in development..

turns out that the problem was that i have to set my shader detail to HIGH at least in order to render the skybox

madness but it works!

thanks for all the help

edit: 2mnljdd.jpg

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