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Mortal Kombat


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Today is some sort of MK's special day, a new MK is getting released and there's loads of new media over at GT.


MK games have been shitty since Mortal Kombat 3D, but this new one actually seems like worth buying.


ah ah, holy shit! ;D


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Yeah reviews seem good, and the demo I played was a superb throwback to the last Mortal Kombat game I played: MK2 for the SNES.

Glad they did away with all the 3D crap because that put me off trying the others — they looked awful. This one is beautiful visually, there're loads of moves and fatalities, and the combat is very satisfying with an actual human opponent.

Good fighter! :-D

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Seen people play it on streams due to early releases (as in: stores breaking the street date), and it looks a ton of fun. The "Test Your Luck" mode is just hilarious to watch; Armless Kombat, Headless Kombat, No X-Rays, Magnetic Floor, Zombie Kombat, etc etc. There is around 60 different modifiers for christ sake! And the Challenge Ladder offers lots of variation as well.

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Didn't know this came out today either. I don't have a console but this game has got me thinking about one. I've read their might be a PC port? Not sure how that experience would be, fighting games are perfect for sitting on the sofa with a couple of friends.

I think the last MK game I played was MK4 for the N64, after that they all looked pretty crap. This one looks like a return to the originals (1-3), don't know if it would be worth buying a console for.

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