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After I posted this thread it showed up, but all the earlier posts didn't. I dunno why.

Usually when I make a reply in a thread it shows up on the front page as a new post. All the comments about the cardboard tube? None of those showed up at all.

Its not really important I guess. Just curious.

[EDIT] Look at the gaming forum. It still doesn't show any new posts.

[EDIT2] Never freakin mind. Its workin now. I am at a loss but I swear it wasn't updating properly.

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Hmm, not sure. I've not encountered anything like this — has anyone else?

I'll clear all forum caches and do a forum recount (refreshes all last post data everywhere) just in case there's some kind of blip after the maintenance I did a few days ago, beyond that I wouldn't know without considerably more investigation. :)

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thrik trolling?! i never thought i'd live to see this

It seems like its kinda hard to be in the thrik of things around Mapcore. I'm hoping to not be on the outside lookin in for much longer. I've always liked being in the thrik of things. :XD:

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