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ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

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Something I never got around to finishing for the Polycount Escape thing: Was a fun, short experiment to get more practise at a hand-painted art-style

Some unfinished shite. Last one actually finished but that is the only picture of the map and I dont think I have the files anywhere anymore. Also alot more unfinished stuff somewhere laying around

continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with... I've essentially come to the conclusion that I

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Your lighting leaves a lot to be desired and your brushwork, while far from bad, could use some boosting.

Try adding some colors to your lighting and definitely some more detail/beams to your buildings.

EDIT: This just may be personal preference, but I really do hate it when people end displacements like you did in the first shot (just sloppily pushing them down onto a flat brush) Try adding a trim around the displacements or make them lower than the surrounding brushwork. I dont know if I am describing the potential fix very well, but its just something that annoys me and I dont know why. :v

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Found this classic piece of mine from 2002. Many people were looking forward to it on the official Day of Defeat forums but alas I was never able to quite pull it through to completion. :sad:


Does anyone remember the 'competitor' to InvasionWorks that was around back then? Pretty sure a number of ancient MapCorians were part of it. Maybe Klein remembers. :-D

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Some reeealy old stuff from before I worked on Nuclear Dawn (2005) - t'was going to be an intro train ride for a mod called City 13:



Some Screens from my brief time working on They Hunger Source: (2006, maybe 2007)





I re-used some of the assets when I started making my now abandoned mod, The Willows: (2007)


The code was pretty much finished and it could handle 1000's of zombies in the world at one time...






All on Source.

Looking at those shots tempts me to revisit The Willows someday...maybe...

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My god you made Glider?? I still play Dod 1.3 every now and then, I remember when I first bought it, I thought life couldn't get any better.

Haha, unfortunately no. I was very involved with the pre-Source DoD mapping community though and especially iNvasion Works who were behind many of DoD's better maps including Glider. Fuzzdad allowed myself and some others like Klein to test the earliest versions of Glider; we made short work of exploiting the hell out of a func_moveable box and spent like a whole evening getting it into all sorts of ridiculous places. Good times, haha.

I still say to this day that the original flag capture version of the map was far better than the objective version that became an official map — had a significantly different layout. Fortunately Fuzzdad was touched by our moveable box efforts and asked me to make this:


In certain versions of the official map there's a hidden race track that can be teleported into with a number of moveable boxes to race round a ring. :lol: So many good memories of the old DoD community, only one I've loved equally has been MapCore. :-D

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My luck this post will be last on this page and gets buried.. oh well, happens I guess.

Here's a map-project I was working first when I started working at No More Room In Hell team in 2009 (the new team with new start). This map was/is actually "fully playable" despite few gamemode specific entities, but I didn't think it was up to quality, so I kind of dumped it. I might raise it from the dead by remaking it, as it had nice gameplay and tons of various areas to go and survive zombies in. Map's name is "Quarantine", which makes sense more if you played the map, as the area is restricted from elsewhere with fences and walls with spotlights to point to playable area, like it was being watched. Enough blabber, here are few screenshots:





And overview shot of the thing (outdated a little):


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