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ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

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Something I never got around to finishing for the Polycount Escape thing: Was a fun, short experiment to get more practise at a hand-painted art-style

Some unfinished shite. Last one actually finished but that is the only picture of the map and I dont think I have the files anywhere anymore. Also alot more unfinished stuff somewhere laying around

continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with... I've essentially come to the conclusion that I

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The last 2 maps are ins_escort, a map for a new gamemode for insurgency I wanted to do but never came around.

The construction site was for Tactical Intervention, not sure if what happened to it, last time I saw it , it was carved full of holes and I have no idea if it made it to the mobile version of the game actually.

May al well also mention the other screens are from a game called Deep6.

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Hey there!

This is my first post! This was a map i was working on a while back, i never got the chance to finish it! hope you like it!

Made for Call of Duty :World at War


Oh and this is really good man, you should finish it! Just needs a little more contrast in the lighting and your set to go! well that area of the map anyway ha.

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huh I think it goes back to 2004 or 2005?

ah yeah and I found this one, without light_compile because I made it too much with the details and a full compile took me over 30 hours (!) (I remember :D). was planned for The Specialist Mod - yeah and then I made this map for HL2 DM :D


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