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ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

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I always enjoyed making weird shit but rarely released anything. Sadly CS:GO never really supported mods properly, hence I abandonned mapping altogether.


The Gridlock map from Gears of War, including fully functional control point modes that balanced next spawn locations of the CP and player spawnpoints based on various scores;


Same for team fortress maps 


or other weird shit


some ports from Medal of Honor allied assault:




On 6/19/2017 at 11:07 PM, VIOLATION said:

Can add two more to my list of interesting ideas I had but nowhere to go with them

Hanoi/dense Asian city:


I think we may have been to the same spot: 


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Something I never got around to finishing for the Polycount Escape thing: Was a fun, short experiment to get more practise at a hand-painted art-style

Some unfinished shite. Last one actually finished but that is the only picture of the map and I dont think I have the files anywhere anymore. Also alot more unfinished stuff somewhere laying around

continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with... I've essentially come to the conclusion that I

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16 minutes ago, Thewhaleman said:

Concepts done for a deathmatch pier map that has collected a bunch of dust, would be aimed to work with csgo's weird game modes like am_maps. Maybe one day. Based off the famous Santa Monica pier. The layout was very v1, had a lot of problems, and was never fleshed out or finished. 


Exterior of game building.


It works!


some props


More props.


layout roughs with some quick drawings to get ideas out of my head.


Sushi shop was also going to have a sticker and gun skin release with map. This is mock up.


One of the game roughs


I think you should stick with this. 

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