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ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.


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8 hours ago, Pampers said:

why don't you try cooperating with someone, or recreate a classic map with a new theme and setting?

Yep I agree with that ! You have a lot of good ideas there man, especially the arctic base (which is a thing I always wanted to do because I love this thematic ^^) ! 
You really should find someone and continue what you start ! 

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12 hours ago, VIOLATION said:

continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with...

I've essentially come to the conclusion that I blow at designing layouts/anything gameplay wise (even after heeding your advice/links) so I essentially just sit and create scenes or straight layouts when I map until I can really figure out how to design a legitimate layout


Seattle Neighborhood Street:

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(idea was/is involving the destruction of newly sanctioned government or privatized marijuana facilities)


Luxury Golf Course/Lodge:

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Arctic Submarine Base:

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Construction Site (Either a large nature reserve facility or simply a city construction site):

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New Orleans Streets (Posted this one before):

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Now obviously these examples were detailed far before any sort of layout was built, and of course that is a pretty terribly incorrect way to go about doing things, but these are the more nicer looking examples I've got. There are countless attempts/examples of "full" greybox layouts I've made that I've either immediately hated or simply didn't feel were even worth continuing to pursue further. The farthest I've ever gotten with a somewhat decent and more or less acceptable layout has been with Monaco but that's hit a bit of a stagnant point where I've got little inspiration, but I hope to still be able to release that eventually.


Nothing really to do but keep continuing to create but I do find it rather unfortunate I can't seem to see a defusal map to completion.

Shit dude whats wrong with you :D making these awesome "half" maps and then abandon it and move on to the next awesome "half" map and repeat..
Your composition and setdressings are sweet you should definitely do more with this...

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Some de_inferno styled town. I started doing this project to learn something more about hammer and stuff. I wanted to finish and release it but i was tired of watching similar "infernos" around workshop so i abandoned the project even though i started modeling assets.





I wanted to make some nice gungame/arms race map based around middle-east styled palace that was hit by a missle and is now recovering, but i lost my interest after finishing the first asset.




This is funny one because it is failed attempt on creating map for Gamebanana's High-attitude mapping contest. I was just learning about map brush limits and making assets in external programs like blender/3dsmax. I tried to make everything from brush :D so you see where it was going. 

Story behing this map is also interesting. It was to be based in a world after nuclear war, that has entered the "nuclear-winter" state. So to gather power from sun (as the nuclear power is banned now) people has to build solar farms above the clouds. The whole map is just big flying "drone" that has arms with solar panels attached to it. I found nice skybox that was well fitting the idea( 3d skybox back then was magic to me). The project was scrapped when i hit the brush limit, and also my idea that arms of the station will fall down on round start was undoable for me back then.





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18 hours ago, VIOLATION said:

continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with...


Should I state the obvious? :D

you are now in "violation" of the laws of level design, you should complete at least one map (my opinion is either the industrial facility I quoted you on last year or the new artic base in this recent post of yours).

Do a simple whitebox, for example a variation of dust2 or inferno layout, then let the talented folks here at mapcore playtest it and you'd be amazed by the amount of feedback you'd get of layout and gameplay. Once satisfied, you can unleash you artistic warrior to detail and "artify" the hell of the map :P

Best of luck

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On 4/12/2011 at 2:46 AM, dux said:

DoWII map before I got hired for ns2.



dm_drift2 before I got hired for ns2.



My old city map




Making maps all day takes away my remaining desire to make my own stuff now. :sad:

I started learning Hammer (CSGO) at age 39 a year ago for fun. Friends and family say to go do that for a living. I don't want to work 10-14+ hour days on something I may not enjoy. It would definitely kill my thirst for making my own thing at home. That's some nice work though. Now that I know what goes into just making a map, I now appreciate games that I play, even on PS4, from a different perspective. Though I'm no pro. What games do ns2 make, if I may ask? 

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