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ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

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Something I never got around to finishing for the Polycount Escape thing: Was a fun, short experiment to get more practise at a hand-painted art-style

Some unfinished shite. Last one actually finished but that is the only picture of the map and I dont think I have the files anywhere anymore. Also alot more unfinished stuff somewhere laying around

continuing off of this theme of never completing or really accomplishing anything past a scene here's some more things I never did anything with... I've essentially come to the conclusion that I

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2 hours ago, Logic said:

You should totally try to save this project!


2 hours ago, Vaya said:

if you can find it upload and send to me. I'm interested if it's savable or not.

Wow, so much interest. I will try to find the file and make something in the future.

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Was rummaging through old backups when I found a video of my abandoned payload-map - blastoff... which features an AMAZING intro animation!
The level was actually a school project (in Sweden you get to do a project of your choosing in High School). The video was made to showcase the project and has no audio. Target audience is the average student.

This is an old version and I polished it more before I gave up like the easily-defeated wimp I was back then (around 2008)!


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On 14/5/2016 at 8:54 AM, Harry Poster said:

Map that should be  set in spain streets. Map became very costly for computer memory. Very sad. In this screenshots only Alpha build. RIP.



When you say "streets of Spain" more or less which city do you mean? Cause depending on where you are in Spain the architecture can vary a lot. For what I see that seems to be either the suburbs of Madrid or possibly Barcelona (I haven´t been to Barcelona myself tbh).

But it´d be really cool to see a map in Madrid! If you could find the file and work on updating/optimizing the map, that´d be great!

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On 4/3/2016 at 6:46 PM, Quotingmc said:

An airport map I started a kind of scrapped following the events in Brussels. Full Credit for the large frame pieces to @Yanzl.



May continue with it, not sure if I should though. Was only a rough idea with some simple props thrown down.

This looks really nice. Do you think you could make it into a bus/train/subway/ferry station instead?

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