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Tim Bergholz - Environment/Hard Surface Artist


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Hey everyone, :)

i thought it's a good opportunity to say hi to the mapcore community now that i updated my portfolio which i would like to share with you.
You find selections on basically everything i did throughout my career as a 3D and Texture Artist but it's mainly focused on my most recent work at Crytek.


Any feedback/critics is of course welcome!

Best Regards,




Hey everyone, check out my newest update @ www.timbergholz.com. :)

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@furyo: RnL was an awesome experience for me back then! So many talented and ambitious people to learn from.

@ pogoP: my first video game related work goes back to 2005, it was a small texture customization for one of the Counterstrike Source terrorists and due to the positive feedback i joined a few mod teams where i put all my effort in! Three years later, including 18 months of college time where i learned 3D modeling ontop of my texturing knowledge, i got hired by Crytek :)

@hP: thanks bro! :D

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