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My first industry job + questions!


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Hey guys!

I've been in touch with a company down in Cambridge, UK, called Frontier Developments recently, and went down to an interview last week at their studio. Got a phone call this morning and I've been offered my first job in the games industry, as a Graduate Environment Artist!

I'm soooo excited, but I'm also really nervous! Don't know what to expect really, and what they expect of me straight away! When you guys started work with your first job, how long did it take you to settle in?

By the way, a huuuuuge thank you to Pomperi (Pontus Karlsson) for hooking me up with this job. I will be eternally grateful to you dude, can't wait to start working with you.

:spot::spot::spot::spot: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :lock: :lock: :bananawrench: :bananawrench: :bananawrench: :dance::dance:

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Congrats man!

Don't take it too hard, they know you are just starting and will have compatible expectations. Do your best and be open to learning from the more experienced people and you will be amazed by how fast you'll be fully in the team.

They would not have hired you if they didn't think you could do it!

Hearty congrats!

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well deserved!

if you already know that they are using unity then you might just start checking it out now for fun. i looked into the basic tutorials of unreal when i started my first job (and knew they would use unreal) which helped me feel more comfortable in the beginning. but usually in most studios it's something like around two to three months when people expect you to deliver. that doesn't mean you're not supposed to not produce content before this time and be helpful, but it's my experience that you'll only ask very specific questions on the pipeline after that time.

edit: oh and frontier sounds awesome place to be. having kinect games now looks like the new wii generation with a good art capable hardware in place :)

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Do not cry, show your fear, urinate more than necessary or show vulnerability publicly. Doing so will quickly make you a target for other game developers.

Recognize that nights are the worst. You will miss your family, and freedom. You will probably cry, but you had better stifle it into your keyboard so no one will hear.

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Haha! Insta, I think your feedback is most beneficial. Better get the tissues ready :(

Vilham, I start on the 23rd of May, so in about 1.5 months' time.

Cheers for all the feedback guys. I'm really up for learning loads from more experienced artists, and I can't wait to apply my skills to an actual project.

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Oh, if you crunch, reserve one of the good couches as your sleeping place. nothing hurts more than sleeping more than three "nights" (time between 4am and 7am) in a row under the desk. also label your stuff in the refrigerator and install a webcam so you see if someone is stealing it or doing weird stuff with it...

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