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Reliable Webhost?


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ive been using dreamhost for over 3 years now, never had any problems!

i've just checked the dreamhost site and you get all of this for only 8.90??? http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html

I've been paying like 30 USD a month for much less. Fucking Brazil.. it never changes.

HostGator also seems very good, does anyone here use it?

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I have also been using Dreamhost for about 7 years now. Occasionally there are some speed issues, but generally problem free, and stupid cheap. Plus if you refer someone, your referral bonus will generally cover the cost of service for a year. Just be aware that you're paying for service on a shared server.

Stay away from Hostgator. I've heard nothing but bad things about them.

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I just switched to http://apisnetworks.com/ after having a comped Speakeasy account for years that I didn't have any real control over. I'm pleased with it so far; Lunaran's been on it for quite a while (which is where I got the recommendation).

Also, they do referrals, so, uh, put in kungfusquirrel.net if you sign up :P

...actually, you can also sign up from this link: http://apisnetworks.com/r?aweldon and hook me up with some referral love :D

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Thanks guys!

Dreamhost and the others weren't an option because I need a reseller account, since I share this with a few friends.

So today we decided to get a Reseller account on Hostgator and I must say i'm impressed so far.

Their tech support is SUPER quick. 5 minutes after I registered the account a woman from Florida called me on the phone and asked if I needed any assistance setting up the domain. A friend screwed some things up with his MySQL DBs, opened a ticked and it was resolved in 2 minutes.

I'm impressed so far, I hope they keep these standards forever!

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