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Duke Nukem 3D´s new usermap IT LIVES


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Not sure if people still plays Duke Nukem 3d here. But i just have finished a map that took me almost three years of work (with more break time than work time, but still almost three years). The map is named IT LIVES and it´s a standalone user map with no additions. It´s meant to be played using the Eduke32 port, that makes Duke Nukem run natively on new computers, you can download the latest unoficial version here:

http://dukeworld.duke4.net/eduke32/synt ... 0324-1855/


The map is designed and meant to be played in software mode aka 8bits, so check your video settings before starting. No enhacement mods/hrp packages/fancy engines, as they proved causing more problems than improvements in this map. :/

In case you want to play it with opengl be sure to also include the autoexec.cfg i put in the package and to NOT check the box that says "polymer". Play it in the night if possible, with headphones or the volume loud.

Eager to read any comments, complaints, bug reports or praises. After so many hours wasted on this, that´s my only reward -_-



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played it untill i got stuck in the broken down elevator part.

i can go into it a little bit though :)

played it on ''let's rock' and i must say you've balanced your gameplay out pretty good. love the small hints and the usual easter eggs and hidden items. the puzzle's are also impressive and layed out nice. as far as the leveldesign goes: i think you did a great job at creating a duke like atmosphere which isn't quite duke, but definitly shares the vibe and i like the way you've used your envoironment to endorse the story. so, untill now, i love it =) haven't found one thing that annoyed me yet and i'm still feeling challenged. :)

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Thanks for playing. I´m glad you´re enjoying it. The work behind the design is enormous so i´m happy to know it flows well.

Looking forward to see if you can beat it. The elevator shaft part requires some practice in duke jumping, you have to reach the opened door "climbing" by the beams. You´re not even in the first %30 of the map, so there´s a lot more to see :)

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I´ve just released the first (and hopefully only one) revision of this map.

Check the first post to download (the download button is updated).

In the revision i have fixed all the bugs people have been reporting (the ones i actually could fix) and overhauled the ending.

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i just finnished it lives. had a blast playing it and it took me little less then one hour. the puzzles were great, allthough sometimes a little vague as to what would be the next logical step

(like getting into the escape valve after melting down the reactorcores)

. also, sometimes the 'outsideworld' seemed a little rough in comparisson to the playable envoironment. to conclude: i've had a very nice blast from the past with this piece of retro art / usermap! thanks =)

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About your spoiler: Yes the ending was the weakest point of the map and that´s why i have changed it so much in the revision i submitted about an hour ago. Again, glad you liked it.

also, sometimes the 'outsideworld' seemed a little rough in comparisson to the playable envoironment.
Yeah i know but in contray, most duke maps dont even have an outside world. I have made use of all the resources of the duke nukem map format, if i would have built landscape architecture the map would have ended being a lot shorter.
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I don´t know what that droid is, but for the little I could understand googling it, the map wouldn´t work. This level pushes the limits of the

Build engine to the maximun, and makes heavy use of sounds. A port, or whatever that thing is, that doesn´t have sound and lags with the original levels will simply stall with this map.

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oh hm you must be looking at another version the one i have for my droid 2 is perfect, runs like complete butter and has full music/audio/multiplayer even - this droid 2 can even run playstation games so i'm sure it can play whatever duke3d throws at it ;)

i'll check it out when i get a chance

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Could you elaborate a little bit about what it is then?

There´s one snag however: This map doesn´t work in the old duke3d.exe. It requires at least a port like jonofduke, or even eduke32 because there´s a limit for sectors, sprites and walls that has been heavily crossed when building this map.

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