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[CS:S] de_rats_brb


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Yeah, I know, rats maps aren't the most popular ones, but nevertheless I want to show you mine. I tried to make the visuals better than in other rats maps, most of them look like from Half Life 1. :D To make it realistic, i didn't use ladders that look like ladders. You can climb up at nerly everthing that looks like it. Tshirt, pants, cables, etc. Because there are too many cables at the Computer, I marked every cable with an "UP" sign. Also, you can jump on any soft object (bed, chair, ...) without getting damage.

All content is 100% selfmade, except for the backbag that made a friend of mine. There is some interaction possible in the map, search for it. :D

download, provided by www.mappingbase.de:

http://download.gc-gaming.de/bashor/map ... _final.rar


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wow, campeon - long time no see :D

great to see this one finished! don't know about the gameplay yet, but the screens look ace. the only thing that might need some detail is the tunnel through the concrete. love the attention to detail on everything (like the isolation in the wooden tunnel part). Could imagine lighting could be a bit more contrasty, but maybe the current one is more suitable for a rats map.

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Hey, nice to see you. :D Already forgotten that you are active on this board.

Yeah, there are lot's of areas that could get more details. But I couldn't work any longer on this map, so I finished it. When I look at it I see dozens of things that I should fix and make better...but I wanted to release it before Half Life 3. :lol: In fact, there isn't much intense contrast, but as you said, it's better for the gameplay, not so many dark areas for campers.

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How does the map play? Sniperfest 6000?

looks like it

agreed. :D

Sure, it's hard to avoid this in a rats map. I tried to make some hidden ways, so you can get to any sniper position without being seen from the snipers. Besides that, disabling the sniper weapons isn't unusual on rats map. :neutral: But yeah, it's not perfect.

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