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FPS Genre 2011


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Thought i would make a thread discussing this years advancements in the fps genre and get a take of what you guys think of the visual enhancements / gameplay editions that you think will perhaps change the market in a way that seems to be going away from the traditional COD phase of the last 2 years. Would love to hear what you guys think the genre should be heading too as well. Im just going to go over a list of what is coming (please add if i miss some) and give my opinion about it :)

Also sorry if my grammar is bad :P

First off let go with what has been released for 2011 already:

BulletStorm: This sets the year off nice. A bit mixed reviews about it and its an unreal based game. I feel they had some great set pieces and great bosses that showed off their engine pretty decently. However its the gameplay that really made this one apart from what we have been getting with fps. Score based shooting that made it seem like it was more than just shooting random army squads to reach a political plot point. One of the best additions to this game i find is they made good use of a cool melee action being the kick that you view from first person as well as the whip that was a good mix.

Killzone3: This made me excited. A nice iteration on the series. PS3 exclusive made me a bit sad not owning a ps3 but the multiplayer is working insanely well for them. I feel that they really made a great product that not only looked visually stunning but also played insanely well for a console based shooter. Add this with really nice first person melee kills and a jetpack you got yourself a nice package of fun. Also to note that they pretty much made a ww2 game in space was a great idea!

Homefront: Not sure if this one is released (or coming up very soon). However these are the guys that started from a bf1942 mod that was a huge success. Their last game was a buggy mess and it seems they have brought back a ton of what they were offering in the last game to this one with the polish it deserves. It looks a lot like BF and I have no problem with that. I haven't looked too deep into this game just yet but I hope its good.


Now off to whats to come:

Crysis 2: Stunning visuals, Contrast setting compared to the first game, Open linear game and a Nano suit that makes you play however you want! this is fantastic!!! Not only did you guys at crytek outdone yourselves this time (from what i have played in the demo and seen in trailers) but you guys made it optimized very nicely to work on a good range of pc's despite what people were rumoring it to be. Its also nice to see that the console versions look great as well. This company i feel will rise into one that people will start recognizing the name of... i certainly hope it does :)

Deus Ex HR: Im going to keep this one short since its half third person (from what i have seen). Its nice to see the stealth genre in fps come back a bit. especially with the added rpg elements and rich look.

Rage: Id's next big fps! This is big news if you are a pc guy in my opinion.. Im not sure if console players really get the same legendary feel that this company has since Doom and Quake were such big hits especially with the older generation of gamers on pc. What I have seen so far is a very nice looking game that has pleanty to offer for single player (which seems rare in the past 2 years). Its great to see that they are adding vehicles to break up the action and that they are really focusing on ai behavior. Its going to be nice to play a game and not worry about my kdr or when im going to be spawning next. I am very interested in seeing what the ID guys do on tech 5 engine with DOOM 4.

Brink: These guys really nailed a unique look for their game especially in characters. They are adding a lot of gameplay additions to the genre in terms of letting the newbies get in the action with veterans and still feel important. With their experience of the enemy territory franchise behind their back I hope they really put a lot of thought of the complaints and lack luster sails of quake wars and set out to make a great action game with some of the great stuff ET franchise holds. With a huge list of customization features I feel this could be a game where players really invest in what they want their character to be, I hope to see more customization in characters in this genre as well as it seems to be very limited.

Red Orchestra 2: Holy smokes, these guys are inspirational to me. Tripwire seems to be sticking with their roots to make a killer sequel that just might sell good. With PC gamer labeling it a Black Ops Killer it certainly might have the hype it deserves. I feel like this game is adding the gameplay elements that could very well move the genre forward. Taking huge leaps in advancing everything about it. Destruction, Cover System, Fully interactive tank interiors, 3d Scopes, Ballistic System for bullets, Tanks with weak points (instead of just the back of the tank), Huge environments, Realistic approach.... god i could go on forever it seems! Probably sounding like a fanboy but i really do feel that this one pushes towards new features instead of just graphics.

BattleField 3: Lets face it, from what we have seen it looks great. Graphically it looks fantastic and with the new art direction the locations look more realistic. I might as well keep this short since its been discussed to death in the other thread but im super psyched.


Ok i will wrap this up since its already a wall of text and opinions.

From what i have brought up it seems there is a huge step away from what has been the 'norm' set by cod. We have sprawling huge environments and gameplay advancements that let players choose how they want to play. Looks like a fantastic year ahead of us.

What are your guys's opinions on the games and what would you like to see come of this genre?

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Me and a few friends have been playing a LOT of Bad Company 2 recently, on Xbox. We like to work as a squad and have each member doing different things (Medic, Assault, etc), and love playing tactically.

I'd love to see a return to tactic-based games, rather than the Arcade, run'n'gun type gameplay that Cod has. Sure, Cod is fun but at the end of the day it's just mindless running about and shooting things that move. I love slowly advancing through maps in BFBC2, with my squad, taking cover behind stuff and kicking some ass for the team. I really hope BF3 has more of this tactical stuff, therefore it's my most anticipated multiplayer game of 2011.

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each to his own I guess

I hope that ns2 will be nice but what I've tried so far (YES I KNOW IT'S A ALPHA/BETA) it's pretty tame. Obviously they can steer the ship out of the fog, but still... just sayin'!

Crysis 2 I'll pick up when it's dropped a bit in price. MP was weak but I'm looking forward to SP. Same with Bulletstorm, which I have a hard time playing full price for.

Brink, Homefront, Killzone 3 - pass!

BF3 I'm looking forward to. Deus Ex looks interesting, real interesting.

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