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Hhmoore- Level Design / Enviromental Art


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I've heard that critiques should start with the positive stuff... So, the layout seems ok. No weird nav flow, fairly simple, colors don't make my eyes bleed. All good stuff.

For the other stuff;

The 'about me' page is redundant. You already have that info in the header of your page. Make your email a proper mailto link, and throw in a link to your resume, and you're done. Minus one html page to worry about. If you don't have one, get a LinkedIn page and throw that link there too. It doesn't hurt.

You have these weird email/print/pdf links in the frame of your main body. I have no idea why you'd want those there, and why anyone else would want them there either. Is it put in automatically or something? It seems to exist on all your pages.

Your LD work; I'll just echo Serenius' comment about your portfolio looking like an environment artists portfolio. You have no overhead of your maps, no flythrough, no gameplay videos. Not even a link to the file to play it. The info on your 2d games say that you were in charge of art, sound, music and UI. LDs design fun, artists make stuff pretty. There's some overlap, but not a lot. Hence, different job titles. Figure out what you want to do and redo your portfolio for that.

This may vary based on company, but LD's don't do modeling work very often. Personally, I only blocked stuff roughly in maya and just told the EA "this blobby rectangle thing is a supposed to be a statue, 800x300x300" etc etc. Basically, your LD stuff is lacking designery stuff, and you have extra EA and 2d stuff that won't get looked at (unless you're applying at a smaller studio that might incorporate that skillset) This could vary, and I'm a young'un in the industry, so feel free to get consensus from others.

For your resume, I don't say this with malice, but your objective line is the most generic objective statement you can put on a resume. HR people get tons of resumes, and that's the first thing they read. It doesn't have to be 100% OMG IN YOUR FACE AMAZING, but at least make it somewhat unique to you.

The rest of your resume is a wall of text. You have margin and header space to work with, shrink those if you need to and space the text out.

The second page of your resume isn't needed. I'd throw in your school/graduate stuff somewhere on the first page. You already have IGDA mentioned, being interested in basketball and music isn't important enough to warrant space on a resume, and references being available is generally assumed.

Grammar nazi stuff (sorry I come from a background in QA...) The alternating caps of Created, Designed, and Implemented seems... odd. "features an collassal" on your Mammoth description page should be "features a colossal". "15 days where" should be "15 days were" on Timeless page, etc etc. Get someone to proof-read this. This probably isn't a *huge* deal, but better safe than sorry.

And that's about it... Sorry if I come off as overly harsh, I don't intend to. In case I do, here's a dancing banana :bananawrench:

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