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[UDK] Island


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Hey guys, I have been working on a little UDK project for the past week or so and I just wanted to get some feedback on it. Its just a small map I am messing with to learn the editor. I still have a little more meshing/polish work to do but any feedback is welcome!

Thanks for looking!



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Ok, so I think your assets are fairly decent but overall it kind of hurts my eyes to look at. I think:

*textures are a bit noisy for the distance at which they are viewed

*needs more contrast

*fewer wide splashes of highly varying colors

*could use better defined focal points. Try to figure out how you want the viewers eye to move across the scene and add focal points/lines

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First what i saw was the Eat 3d Introduction to UDK DVD :-)

but it is cool, work and try to go further :)

You need more contrast overall, and work on you ligting, right now it is still flat and not interesting in terms of lighting and i dont know how to help you, but work on textures, just like someone said they are very noisy but i assume you are using UDK assets

good luck

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Here's more detail in response to your PM:

Your textures, even the ones that are far from the ground, have alot of repetitive detail. Also, each tile of the wall has some very obvious markers. As a result everything looks really repetitive. Also, they are, well, noisy. I don't know any better word for that, it basically just means there is a lot of small but even variation accross the entire texture, and since that texture is far away and repetitive that makes it stand out more than it should. It makes the viewers eye spend too much time on each area picking out and recognizing the details. Since you used the same base texture on each of the 'floors' of the building, and each tile of it is repetitive, it forces you to look at each tile rather than as a whole, and you want the back and upper areas to give an impression.

Also, you use too many "base" colors, in my opinion. There are large patches of several different major color regions (like, pink, orange, blue, green, etc.) Theres nothing wrong with a colorful scene but you should try and use fewer main colors. They are overwhelmingly bright and saturated, and clash, like this guy:

By contrast I meant that the scene is too evenly bright. Try to have the brighter elements against a darker background, and try to use darker colors on less important areas.

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Just adding to what everyone else has put, your textures are the focal point of this map at the moment and i just see way too much texture repetition. You need to mix the textures up, maybe even add some decals in there, or grunge up some of your texture sheets. As i don't quite know what you've done to build it, i'm guessing the building is modular so maybe have a couple of UV channels on your meshes instead of 1 which will help break up the scene. Your lighting as said by previous members is a bit dodgy at the moment, you have blues and oranges mixing together which isn't exactly an appealing mixture of lighting, so i'd reccoment changing that up a bit. Also have you thought about making this a night scene instead or a very late evening scene? this would help you understand how the lighting works a little better and be able to see the different contrast between varied colour schemes. Look up colour theory in level design, it will bring alot more character to your maps and be able to understand which colours go together and how they set the mood of your level :) Other than that though the overall setting is very nice, and is an interesting building to say the least but i'd sort out your lighting and textures for sure.

good luck, and keep posting your updates :)

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