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[PAID] 2D/3D Artist is needed

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A 2D/3D Artist is needed to develop the concept art of around 15 characters & Demons

A basic description for the characters is available, and 24/7 support is available to give the artist the needed help (via skype or email)

Character type & style:

fantasy characters / medieval (Europe)

Reality Style

Copyright for the characters is needed to use them in our game

We will pay per each character as follows:

1) Sketch will be developed (1-2 modification max)

2) approval of the sketch

3) colorful copy (complete) art will be developed with watermark

4) pay for the art and the artist will remove the watermark

Shall you need any further information, or you are interested, please send us a sample of your work to the following e-mail:


(agreements to develop more than 1 character at the same time are negotiable)

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