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procedural FPS


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I felt I might just as well make seperate topic for this instead of posting in the WIP level thread.

So for those who havn't seen it yet, I'm working on a simple first person shooter with a procedural level generator, here's a few screenshots of what kind of level geometry it generates right now:




Right now I'm pretty happy with how the generation works, even though there are still a loooooot of things I want to do with it. The pie in the sky goal I have for it is to make it generate truly unique levels, every time.

I also started creating my first enemies for it. Right now they are still incredibly stupid and will shoot at whatever shoots at them and just run around bumping into walls.



try it out and let me know what you think. Any ideas are welcome!


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Absolutely awesome Peris! Thumb up!

Here what I would really enjoy u to add:

- An interaction between the player and the environment like breaking the concrete floor, the metal wall and those kind of stuff. Something close to Redfaction and Minecraft.

- Mp as said in the Wip thread.

- Sounds?

- A game name / Logo and such!!! Something cool as Persicorp, Periscore, ... Abandoned Colony :D ?

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