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What have you watched recently?


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Final episode of Homeland S2...

...was a blast, literally! Did not see that one coming, I honestly thought this would be the end but they've gone and pushed it on to a third season, should have guessed really. The moment Brody's confession tape appears on TV... priceless! Poor Dana, after just trying to defend her father with the doubt in her mind and then the face-on realisation of what she sees. Season 3 should be interesting for sure, I just hope it picks up more of a pace, some parts of episodes were dull and slow-moving at times

It was a pretty decent finale that sets up the next season nicely BUT it doesn't redeem a lot of the stupid shit that went down this season. In this episode for instance, why would a Black Ops agent disobey orders because of an emotional / moral conflict? Why would Brody have a fake ID created with no disguise considering he was - you know - A CONGRESSMEN?!

I really enjoyed this season up until the point where Carrie was captured by Nazir. It just went to shit after then.

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The Hobbit. Characters weren't as interesting as in LOTR and the story lacked a bit of substance, but it still is a pretty good movie. It's also the last movie I see in 3D, fucking thing makes everything look darker and dull! 48 fps didn't make that big of a difference with the 3d glasses on to be honest (could barely notice any difference) but it looks super cheesy without the glasses. Really hope 48 fps is is not the new thing but just an experiment.


A Bronx Tale: One of the best gangster movies I have seen in a while, brought tears to my eyes in the end.


Ghost in the Shell 2.0: Easily one of the best cyberpunk stories ever created, art is amazine and the plot is very clever. Kinda reminds me of Neuromancer. Definitely gonna get the bluray and watch this a hundred times before I die.


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A Bronx Tale: One of the best gangster movies I have seen in a while, brought tears to my eyes in the end.

saw this in italian yeeeears ago, i should see it again.

Ghost in the Shell 2.0:

Amazing art and design, but it was a bit too slow for me and I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. Couple of months ago I saw another cult of the genre: Akira. If you haven't seen it catch up.

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Spartacus Gods Of The Arena Ep. 5 & 6: an epic conclusion to the mini-series, and in general probably better than the original. Really an epic great the final fight, great ideas especially for the gladiator with the net, award for the most vicious kill :twisted:

Actually Ghost in the Shell 2.0 is a HD remaster of the original. Haven't seen the other ones yet.

Apologies :)

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