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What have you watched recently?


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In the past weeks I went through the whole Rocky saga, all the way to Creed 2, to get ready for the third installment.
Went to see Creed 3 last Monday.

A lot of the marketing hinges around B. Jordan directing this chapter, and I think it shows. It's not that is bad, but you can see he worked to differentiate it from the rest of the films. Way more noticeable after watching all the others back to back, or if you rewatch Creed 1/2 after 3. Unfortunately I don't think this entry hits the right spots and I found it a bit underwhelming.
I wholly agree with this analysis, without spending time typing spoilery content.
I can't remember if it's mentioned, but I don't think the film is not as good because Rocky/Stallone is missing (I think would have been a somewhat different story with him), just the beats/pacing. The whole film feels rushed and cut for Gen-Z attention span. Is like they felt the need to speed it up to compensate for all the early sign-language scenes.

Anyway this run through the saga as given me a renewed appreciation for Stallone, whom I knew had written the Rocky films, but I hadn't realised he also directed them... I think it's pretty amazing he got the chance to write and direct right after his debut. Also he's accomplished and all, but it's annoying he doesn't have more control over the franchise he created.

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@blackdog I'v still not brought myself to watch any of the creed films yet (an im a big fan of the rocky films an boxing in general) but its like most things now-a-days when it comes to movies.. some things at times should be left for what they are/were an with so many franchise remakes/build upons etc im not sure i will ever get round to watching this^^ (an i'v heard creed is not to bad) but maybe?
talking about remakes/build apons, just seen a new Wonka trailer lol
but this trailer definitely got my attention

Also @Dabu i know your post was from last year but the iron giant is a classic an brilliant film.. check this out iv you havent already seen.
Ithink it was also Vin Diesel's first ever Voice over work he had done at that time (i didnt even know it was Vin Diesel that played the giant for year).


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