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What have you watched recently?


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I went through American Rust very quickly. I think everything Jeff Daniels touches is great, but I see lots of negative reviews (although many based on the first episode, lamenting the slow pace). I actually went in it without knowing anything, watching trailers etc.

Also Wrath of Man is a great revenge-heist film to watch when you don’t want to think much. It’s a Guy Ritchie-Jason Statham reunion as well.

I’m going through The Loudest Voice very quickly too 🤭

Edit: also finished Loudest Voice. Russel Crowe does the creep too well. Had no idea all this harassment happened, it feels this thing should have blown up like Weinstein.


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Just saw The Last Duel.

Holy shit this movie got ruined in the editing room.


30-40 unnecessary and repetitive scenes, including a fifteen minute rape sequence that is repeated almost verbatim twice, with indistinguishable differences. A cinematic crime.


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Finally took the time to sit down cozy and watch Prospect last night. It’s not as good as the “best sci-fi since Moon” title card suggests, but it’s interesting. It’s a story of survival that leaves you with so many questions about world details.

It’s the most analog, in terms of tech, film in the genre I’ve seen in a while.


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