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What have you watched recently?


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Ah yes! It’s in my list!

Saw the trailer when it was about to come out and thought it was some crazy crossover between 13 Tzameti, Battle Royale and The Platform… in a Black Mirror packaging.

Just waiting not to feel overtired every evening so I can enjoy it (I’m running Billions for myself I keep falling asleep)

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Got this master piece show up on my amazon recommendations and gave it a try, completely loved it. Hutger Hauer was a legend, this movie was pure cyberpunk fun. Like a poor man's supernatural Blade Runner. Highly recommended, will definitely watch it again!!


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Damn, yea, squid game's pretty good

God have mercy on anyone who watched it dubbed though because whoa to the great surprise of not me it's fucking awful


Also maybe it's just me but the VIP scenes felt really out of place, the whole show seems pretty high budget and on point - but the gaudy decor and plastic masks were way under par. I haven't looked up whether this was planned to be an international success or originally just intended for the Korean market, but wow who the fuck picked those VIP actors. Couldn't find anything on their imdb pages but eesh I could have sworn all of them had some dutch to them. Just awful accents, awful voices and quite frankly poor acting in general. I guess there's only so much they could have done to save the lines that were written for them but wow please try next time. Black mask or whatever he's called sounded awful speaking english in the VIP scenes too, by the way, really shattered his serious persona for me - no shade on his performance in every other part of the show though, mind you.

Like I said though, I suppose if the show was filmed exclusively with a Korean audience in mind that does contextualize the low quality of the english elements. If it wasn't, though, I have to say I quite disappointed in that singular element of the show.

All in all, it's great! Totally do recommend.

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As @FMPONEsaid, The White Lotus is excellent!


Season 3 of the TV show, What we do in the shadows came out too, so that's a nice watch if you like that kind of funny.


Bad Genius is a nice Thai movie


Love on the Spectrum is a nice heartwarming, wholesome Netflix show of people on the autism spectrum, dating.


Succession Season 3 is nearly here, which I found to be damn funny and whacked.


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Forgot to add Succession!
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Over the summer I started watching Star Trek. I used to be a massive Star Wars-fan and never really got into Star Trek. I had watched the modern (JJ abrams-)movies but they didn't really hit me any significant way and basically just seemed like action scifi movies. 

I later got to watching some individual The Next Generation episodes, based on whatever turned up in "best of"-google searches I did. Once I had went through a couple of those I watched through Discovery and then Picard (both new, modern, series). 

However, it wasn't until I started watching Deep Space Nine that I really started loving it. Admittedly it looks like fucking shit; desaturated and depressing, most likely caused by the technicalities of transitioning to modern media formats. Once I got past that I was consistently served with really good plots, character development and dialogue. I'm at S3 currently and loving it. It speaks to the skills of the writers that I went from immediately despising Quark, to absolutely loving him.  My favorite episode so far is "Duet" from season 1

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