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What have you watched recently?


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4 hours ago, will2k said:


Okay so please tell me if I'm wrong but is it just me or is Disney-Pixar converging with the CalArts singularity

I swear you could have told me this was made by Sony PA and I wouldn't have questioned it


I'm not saying it looks bad - or not in general anyway - it just looks a lot less distinctly Disney


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I’ve blazed through the three seasons of Colony.

I liked how they don’tthrow everything in your face right at the start, so the unsettling aspects of the occupation grow every episode, keeping you watching.

Disappointing ending but I imagine they were planning another season and got cancelled.

I would bet they sourced ideas directly from HL2, as the war with the alien lasts 8hrs, the drones have many points in common with the one in the game, and the aliens are heavily reliant on tech like the Combine, just instead of a citadel they have giant walls.

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