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What have you watched recently?


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Watched the first season of the bureau (bureau des légendes being the original title), and it was quite refreshing to see a good French show amidst all the American non sense with explosion everywhere or ultra high tech thingies all over the place.. Recommend it!

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I've seen a few Werner Herzog documentaries before but wasn't aware that he also made films early in his career. This one is about an alcoholic musician released from prison trying to find meaning in his life, and of course being kick around by everyone. This guy is a complete simpleton that doesn't give a shit about anything, which makes the movie even more strange, sometimes I can't tell if some scenes are supposed to be funny or tragic lol. Overall it is a simple movie with strange actors but a really good experience. I'll definitely come back to this later, even if the premise sounds depressive the movie feels very comfortable, in a strange away. Again, very strange movie but worth a watch. Save this one for those cold introspective nights :D


Interesting fact about this movie: 



There's an interesting coincidence regarding your great film Stroszek. Reading about the suicide of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis in the book Touching from a Distance we learn that he watched Stroszek before killing himself. While reading Faber's Lynch on Lynch, David Lynch talks about being in the UK filming The Elephant Man and seeing Stroszek on TV. Curtis and Lynch appear to have been watching the transmission of the same film at the same time. Although it's a huge simplification, the reactions of the two viewers appear to swing between a complete enchantment of life and self-destruction. Do you find this reveals something about your work?

Werner Herzog

It is a very heavy question. There is no frivolity in answering this. I cannot really argue. It is as it is. I wish this singer was still alive and hadn't seen Stroszek at that moment. But deep at the bottom of my heart I do believe that Stroszek was not the reason that he killed himself. I do believe that he must have had some very, very serious deeper other reasons and he may have, and I'm very cautious, he may have used the film as a ritual step into what he was doing. Regarding David Lynch when he was doing Elephant Man, which is a wonderful film, I do not know. I actually know David Lynch personally and I should speak to him and ask him. There's no real answer to that question, only regret that a young man committed suicide. That's a fact that is sad which is very, very serious and is very disquieting.



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I've been watching entire movies and TV shows uninterrupted with my wife, unlike my usual solo-self who simply lacked the attention span needed to watch them. I would watch a TV episiode, 20 minutes at a time. Here are some of the movies and shows I've watched.

Black Panther - 5/10
Another cliched action movie from the same franchise, with the same cliched build-up, comeback and similar storylines. I just wish it were more gripping. The visuals were nice, the humour attempts poor. Definitely not worth the price for the first show ticket.

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle - 6/10
Not nearly as impressive as the original but a watch with some big stars. The visuals are good. the humour is so-so and it could be just another action movie if it weren't for the Jumanji 'virtual world'. I mean, you really could take any action movie with 4 characters into the Jumanji outline  to have this movie. Just watch it as a late night, mindless watch with no brains involved. It's fun.

Phantom Thread - 5/10
Really not my kind of movie. The artwork, styling is gorgeous and the mood  well created, but the pace is really slow. It was a drag watching.

Get out - 10/10
Well-deserving award winner, a movie that builds up its thriller plot really well with great intensity for the first 60 minutes, broken up with bits of modern-day humour thrown in. Easy to relate, really gripping stuff and I couldn't stop watching this one. Really worth watching! 

Wild Wild Country (TV series on Netflix) - 10/10
A real life tale of the religious cult from India that brainwashed a whole lot of people, and nearly took over a state in the US. It's done really well and first-hand interviews with people today makes it all the more exciting. Really shows you how religions start off with a naive, attractive agenda and turn dangerous really quickly.

And if anyone uses trakt.tv, this is my ID - cyberjunkie (https://trakt.tv/users/cyberjunkie)

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23 hours ago, Minos said:

Great Charles Bronson movie with hilarious dialogues. My new favorite Bronson along with Mr. Majestyk :)

Growing up in the 80s, I loved Bronson; he was the down-to-earth, very believable, ultimate badass without the over-the-top antics of Sly, Arnold, and Van Damme.

Last week, I watched "Death Wish" (2018) with Bruce Willis, which coincidentally, is the remake of the 1974 classic featuring Bronson :)



Both are recommended to watch.

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The trailer of the remake looked rubbish to me 😅


I finally watched Dunkirk a couple nights ago. What a masterful editing, when you finally understand what is happening... it was so fucking tense, I'll repost this video I think I posted in the topic back when popped up that explains how they achieved this in a seemingly action-less film


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Seen The Greatest Showman last night at open cinema, enjoyable family film. 


For got when I posted last time I also saw American Made, which was an easy fun movie

Tom says they didn't even put all the accounts of the portrayed character as it was already crazy enough to believe this happened.

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