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What have you watched recently?

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On 28/10/2017 at 12:19 AM, 0kelvin said:

The Flash season 4 is being a let down.

Very true. But I wasn’t that happy with S3 either, I think S2 was great and now seems they’re the tying to “keep it fun” the way DC means it, so puns, references and other silly stuff, instead of a meaty story.

I’m really annoyed that they still don’t have their shit together after putting Jeff Jones at the steering wheel, the DCEU doesn’t seem any more cohesive.

With that said, I haven’t been happy/satisfied with pretty much anything I watched recently:

Arrow is dragging on just as much as the Flash and they get all excited because they name dropped Bruce Wayne in one sentence 😒

Blade Runner 2049 had a really weak story

In The Heart Of The Sea has some cheap CG

Black Mass didn’t have rhythm

The Walking Dead I’ve always defended it but I’m finding these episodes really crap: the editing is really annoying with all these cuts that don’t add to any urgency and just break up the story (probably cos they are dragging things anyway). Are they gonna keep hiding Neegan till mid season finale?!

The only good thing is Stranger Things S2, only one episode left for me :(

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3 hours ago, blackdog said:

I got round watching Escape From Alcatraz, the original Clint Eastwood escape movie.

Bit corny but still good.

Most of the scenes I was thinking to myself how friggin tall Clint is :D

I recently seen a scene in Maried with Children, when ATM refused Clints card :D

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The Jungle Book - I really didn't like this CG remake. Art fine, but voice casting was plain inappropriate, just picked up names of A-listers to grab the everyman attention. The only good choice was "Gus Fring" for Akela the wolf, who dies early :shifty:

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