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What have you watched recently?

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Not so recently I watched A Million Ways To Die In The West, inbetween I've taken a look at some movies I wanted to watch and haven't for a long time.

The Departed, Hugo (Cabret) and the movie of the wonderful dystopia book, Johnny Mnemonic.

Also rewatched Magnolia with a friend of mine, which is still to me a masterpiece of character implication in story, paired with wonderful use of the soundtrack.


I admit, I jumped onto a Martin Scorsese train after The Departed. :D

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LMAO WTF, guess I need my head examined, for some reason I read Thrik   ~~~~~~~FFFFFRRRRAAAAAIII~~~~~~pls~~~ maeks me feel all  

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And tell us what you watched bitches

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I mostly come on here to recommend movies but sorry guys, I just really have to rant for a bit:


Divergent 2/10


Easily the most nonsensical piece of shit movie I've seen in a long while. It's impossible to suspend your disbelief, 90% of the movie is impossible to buy unless you have an IQ of 90 and don't question anything cos this concept falls apart if you start thinking about... well, pretty much anything.


The world building and the way society is represented, even just human nature and shit is depicted in a completely unbelievable way, I can't remember how many times I eye-rolled at this movie/concept. It's so bad that the plot doesn't even matter anymore at this point.


No seriously, it's an absolutely idiotic and ridiculous premise... And once you're at that stage any possibility of immersion is impossible.


"Oh you're over thinking it". No, it's really not one of those movies where you find holes once you dig into it. The issues are laying right on the surface, it's impossible to miss unless you shut off your entire brain. Don't get me wrong, I usually can enjoy a B movie or a movie like Transformers but this is just in an entirely different league of cringe...



The good: Shailene Woodley does some pretty good acting and there's a couple of cool scenes but besides that the movie just doesn't hold up.

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I haven't seen it but me and my sister talked, and laughed, about how it feels like a sci-fi writer pulled this wonky sci-fi premise out of his/her ass under the false assumption that it would be "fascinating" or some shit.  :XD:

Pretty much :P It also feels like the author designed this universe (or plot) from the bottom-up. It's kinda obvious that he/she came up with some "cool" ideas and then tried to shoehorn them in or made everything else adapt to those things rather than building something believable and seeing what you can do with that kind of universe. "Aw yeah, Harry potter sorting hat. Cool, I gotta have that. Hunger games is kinda cool, I'll use some of that stuff. Add a heroine that is struggling with some trials. Dayum, so much depth. I'll piece it together and BAM... masterpiece."


It's stuff you have to deal with a lot in level design when you have conflicting design ideas. For instance when someone says you NEED to have this exact thing happen in the level but you're struggling to make sense of it cos it doesn't fit in whatsoever although you admit that in itself it's quite a cool sequence. So you end up building everything around it to make sense of it and in the end it makes the whole thing worse cos you're scrapping or alternating your intro and outro sequences too much. I think he/she fell in love with some of the ideas/concepts but just isn't a strong enough writer to look at the big picture and glue it together or make sense of it... Basically not good at killing his/her darlings for the good of the whole.


/More rant xD I kinda wanna discuss bottom-up versus top-down design in video game design with you people now  :D

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Just watched the Californication Season 7 premiere.

Yesterday finished off Blitz, with Statham. Rubbish.

Amazon Prime is good! Don't understand why there are so many titles "leaving" the service :-/ are these streaming services cutting on their archives for some particular reason other than contracts and legalities? Because I don't understand why media from the same company (like WB) can be treated differently depending on the title.

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Watched Michael-Kohlhaas, I liked it a lot. If you are not the contemplative type you may be in for a big boring disappointment : Not the most cheerful movie, the rhythm is slow, the realisation abrupt and frustrating, it is basically an understatement; but it does what hollywood doesn't do. So in case you want to watch something different. :)


- Arnaud des Pallières n°1 fanboy -

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