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What have you watched recently?

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LMAO WTF, guess I need my head examined, for some reason I read Thrik   ~~~~~~~FFFFFRRRRAAAAAIII~~~~~~pls~~~ maeks me feel all  

It's 3:24 am, i just came back from cinema. Went to haloweenmarathon of Alien and Aliens ! YES ! i've never seen Alien/s in cinema (only 4, but that doesn't count).  Directors cut's, all scenes and di

And tell us what you watched bitches

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just watched olympus has fallen. can't believe morgan freeman and Aaron Eckhart agreed to play in this movie... bad and unlikely plot, script was even worse and the story as a whole just wasn't believable at all.

what the hell, man? :(

on another note: I also watched the pilot of under the dome. i liked the start and i love stories from king, so I'm hooked :)

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It got slated to fuck on release but It really isn't that bad a film - not the greatest and rather bad in places and doesn't really get what it wants to be but a decent romp - give it a watch.


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