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What have you watched recently?

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I watched Shahzam. Somehow, despite all the odds, they turned even this nothing bore of a character into a great movie. It seems Hollywood just has movies figured out and down to a science. Almost all of these superhero movies feel the same and yet don’t suck and get the right laughs at the right moments to keep you engaged. It’s kinda crazy. I’m convinced they could make a movie about literally anything at this point, run it through their algorithm and come out with something decently watchable for just under two hours.

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Watched the season 14 finale of Supernatural. As it turns out, they found what is the biggest treat of all: God himself.

This somewhat isn't surprising because the whole show makes angels, demons, monsters, every supernatural being is evil in a way or another. Even God is against the heroes. Many times the angels themslves talked about God being abscent and never fixing up things.

It was really stupid to make God show up and just give them a new gun that has a stupid drawback, you kill but the gun kills you at the same time. Really uncreative.

The ending is very meta when God says "Welcome to the end" as season 15 will be the last one. They'll probably wrap up things with that Cosmic entity and make many references to enemies and characters from the past. They won't kill God in the end, it'll probably end in some form of a deal.

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Growing up in the 80s, these folks, along with Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, The Three Stooges, Louis de Funès, and Tom &Jerry, were my slapstick comedy heroes.

It's bittersweet to witness the "backstage" action of these 2 funny guys putting on the brave smiling face in public while hiding a ton of burdens in their actual lives.

Recommended for fans of Laurel and Hardy and for everyone looking for insights on their actual lives.

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