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Lucas Debes (2p Unity FPS) - v0.9 is out


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http://www.blog.radiator.debacle.us/201 ... -beta.html

The setup, kinda like Spy Party: there's an island with lots of NPCs. You're Lucas Debes (17th century Danish priest) trying to escape the Faroe Islands in a rocketship, and you have to blend in and pretend to be an NPC to escape alive... or maybe you're the bailiff trying to kill him and/or sacrifice all the NPCs to Satan.

REMINDER: You need 2 players. One player clicks "Bailiff" to host the game, then the other player on the LAN clicks "Debes" to join the game.

It's really unpolished, but it's kinda fun already, or at least the dozens of times I've played it.

Windows and OSX builds. Only LAN works right now, sorry.

http://www.gamefront.com/files/20025702 ... Win_09_zip

http://www.gamefront.com/files/20025729 ... Mac_09.zip

Next version, we'll try to get direct IP connection support in. Sorry.

... But if you have a friend on your LAN, try it out and tell me what you think. Peaaaace out.

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I cant get it to work. When I start it up I can click

"The bailif"

"Lucas debes"

or the tree other buttons.

When I click The bailif nothing happens, except that the menu disappears. I tried waiting for 5 minutes just in case it was loading the first scene, but nothing happened... So i restarted it and tried "Lucas debes" but the menu just disappeared for a minute or so and then came back.

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