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Paul Mason-Firth aka Paulo88 - Level Designer


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Hi Guys,

Thought I'd post a quick profile of some of my work. You can take a look at my profile at http://www.paulo88.co.uk. But in the mean time heres a few videos of my recent work.

Call of Duty : Black Ops

Mission 1

Operation 40 (CUBA)

Call of Duty : Black Ops

Mission 2



Call of Duty : Black Ops


Berlin Wall

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Ah cool, it's been popular to hate on Treyarch but Codblops is definitely my favorite in the series since COD4. I'll admit that I wasn't terribly impressed by the campaign though, not that it was bad or anything. Been playing the the map pack a lot lately, really digging all the maps in it so good job there ;)

Regarding the site then its pretty busy, don't know if its really intended as a proper showcase for your portfolio but it just comes off as lots of flashy....flash stuff :)

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Two of the best singleplayer levels in the game and my favorite first strike map, good work all around.

I noticed that everything in your portfolio is CoD (going all the way back to UO!), did you ever work in another editor besides Radiant, or was CoD the only game you mapped for?

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Great work Paul, I also loved Vorkuta - was very well done.

Not sure if you actually wanted feedback on the website like most in this part of the forum, but my opinion largely reflects what Mazy has said - it's crazy busy, doesn't look like a portfolio at all, I thought I was reading a gaming news website or something. Once I eventually did find a portfolio piece I think due to the nature of the dark screenshots along with a very dark website, the small thumbnails aren't very inviting to see the full size versions. Just my thoughts anyway dude, once again some really great work :-)

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