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A small request


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I am calling in a few favors. Any who know me prolly owe me a couple..... Hundred, so please consider my request.

I haven't been able to map for over 4 years now. I'd kinda like to start again but have no real interest in reading tutorials for the next 6 weeks so I am asking those who can, to send me any or all their spare VMF's.

I am not really interested in completed maps, although I'd turn none down. I am more interested in example maps. I tend to catch on faster with examples more than tuts anyway.

You know my trustworthiness so stealing is not a problem. You know I'd rather build my own stuff anyway. However if you send me something WiP and you want it kept a secret, specify it please.

Any whom may not know me yet who have some spare maps lying around send those to please.

Thanx in advance



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uh why not just use the example vmf's that are provided with the source SDK?

Yeah, you can basically lift anything you need from that. Plus for something like TF2 you got loads of map source files included where you can copy the entity setups if you cant be bothered to figure it out the hard way.

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I need everything I can obtain to be offline if at all possible. The primary reason I have been offline for 4 years is the unavailabilty of any form of internet connection. I now have a 3 gig limit wifi connection and you wouldn't believe how much you burn just looking at shit online.

You get spoiled to DSL I promiss.

Anywho. I need stuff I can use offline. Sadly, you cannot even use the Hammer help without being online.

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