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Dead Island


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Interesting that after watching the trailer and reading the article I'm left really curious about it. Does weapon damage have the same sort of damage detail as the zombies, or is my wrench going to go from "bloody hunk of metal" to "useless bloody hunk of metal" on a certain swing and then I have to pick up a new thing? Will things take a long time to break or is this a Silent Hill Origins setup? Will there be portable TV items that one hit kill enemies if so? :v

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... holy shit!!!!! That trailer is amazing! What is this, the week of spectacular trailers (*cough* Crysis 2)?

Game concept is really appealing too. Obviously we all love zombies but most games approach it in a well-equipped-hero and/or campy kind of way. This looks more like the 28 Days Later of the gaming world and that excites me. If it hits the aforementioned film's atmosphere of complete hopelessness and dread we have a winner.

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Great announcement. Quickly getting buzz. I do agree some of the cutting back and forth caused initial confusion but whatever I get it.

They all become zombies. Very sad, especially since the little girl becomes a zombie and attacks her father...and her mother obviously gets attacked/killed/zombiefied/whatever.

Anyway, it sets a certain tone due to the music, editing and slowmo. I wonder if they intend the game itself to be of the same tone.

Zombie games recently have ranged in tone from slapstick (Dead Rising) to slightly more "touching" (Dead Rising 2 because of the daughter element but it's still basically slapstick) to whatever tone Left4Dead games are (kickass-survivalism? is that a tone? it's got some attempted funnies too...) and then to a simple "horror" tone in Resident Evil games.

And I am no expert on zombie films, but I feel like most are either comic (Zombieland) or serious/horror (um...do Resident Evil movies count?)

The Dead Island trailer's tone feels tragic, which is kind of a fresh take. As for the game, can it actually pull that off? Or more realistically will it even attempt a tragic tone in the game? Is that even possible? Would we want a tragic tone for the game? It would be something different...sorta. Heavy Rain definitely conveyed bits of a tragic tone, especially the opening.

Now if you think the tone of that trailer is not tragic and instead was pure comedy or pure something else, please explain why since I honestly am curious about other perspectives on this.

Otherwise, I suppose it was an attempt to parody the opening of the TV series Lost which I guess would classify the trailer's tone as...tragic parody? wtf?

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Incredible trailer. Completely with Izuno here, the style of the trailer (the reverse storytelling, the choice of music, and the fact it's a really sad little vignette of a story) makes it feel really exciting and unique, which is incredible given it is a zombie game and I'm pretty much sick to death of those by now. Watched it 3 times already. Hard pushed to think of a better trailer in the past year or so, though maybe the new Deus Ex's trailer is on a par. What a lovely surprise.

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